Energy Week Podcast: Art Berman on the US Shale Industry

Posted in Presentations & Publications on January 10, 2018



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  1. Art, I just listened to you on the Energy Week podcast. As always, I enjoyed listening to your take on the oil industry. Do you think the just approved drilling in ANWAR (tacked on to the tax bill) & the loosening of restrictions on offshore drilling are attempts by the Trump administration to increase the supply of HEAVIER oil (assuming these areas contain mostly the lower gravity oil)?

    Also, doesn’t the Gulf of Mexico contain a large amount of heavy oil? Companies have a bunch of rigs there…or can get them there pretty quick, I assume. How high does the per barrel price have to get before we see a pick-up of activity in the GOM?

    Won’t our domestic drillers see this need for heavier oil and try to meet it?