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Posted in Presentations & Publications on February 2, 2018

Crude Oil Special Double Header

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  1. Art, thank you for this excellent publication, which completely reflects also my opinion. Shale produces mostly light distillates, which increasingly decrease in price due to oversupply. This explains now the underperformance of many Shale companies in relation to the oil price. It is interesting that BP and Shell, which have little Shale exposure had excellent results, whereas ExxonMobil and Chevron carrying high Shale exposure, had disappointing results.

  2. I follow Art religiously and have a lot of respect for his insight. That being said I can’t help but feel that he is missing some X factor that is causing the price of oil to continuously stay low for years now.
    I think of Boone PIckens, also an expert in oil who kept saying that oil would rebound only to be proven wrong again and again, until he finally gave up. The fact is that with everything Art says
    The fact is that the the oil is still there ever abundant with the US up to 10 million barrels a day. I just think he is missing something.