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My goal is to offer clear and direct explanations of energy reality. These presentations and webcasts are data-driven interpretations of oil and gas topics that often challenge conventional thinking.

The Coming Bottom in Oil Prices Part I: Deep into Fundamentals with Art Berman

Arthur Berman large

Erik Townsend welcomes geologist and energy industry consultant Art Berman to MacroVoices. Erik and Art discuss:

  • The crude oil backstory and the current oversupply
  • The likelihood of a future production cut from OPEC
  • Middle Eastern politics and how they will affect future oil prices
  • EIA/IEA and other government agency statistics – Are they reliable?
  • Oil storage considerations and the importance of Cushing, OK – How close are we to capacity?
  • The Baker Hughes Rig Count – Does it matter?
  • Iran and their ongoing production increases
  • The US shale patch operators and their associated junk bonds – What is the chance of widespread default?
  • Production decline rates for US shale producers
  • Libya’s potential to affect this market – ISIS standing in the way?
  • Identifying a bottom in the oil market and a whole lot more…

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