Arthur Berman talks about Shale Gas: An interview in ASPO-USA’s Newsletter

Arthur Berman talks about Shale Gas
Posted by Gail The Actuary on July 28, 2010 – 10:40am
Topic: Supply/Production
Tags: Shale Gas

Recently, ASPO-USA’s newsletter printed an interview (Part 1 and Part 2) with Oil Drum staff member Art Berman (aeberman). Art is a geological consultant whose specialties are subsurface petroleum geology, seismic interpretation, and database design and management. The people doing the interview are members of the “Peak Oil Review Team,” abbreviated POR in the text below. This is the shale gas portion of the interview.

POR: Can you give us your latest updated perspective on the shale gas story?

Art Berman: You have to acknowledge that shale gas is a relatively new and significant contribution to North American supply. But I don’t believe it’s anywhere near the magnitude that is commonly discussed and cited in the press. There are a couple of key points here. First the reserves have been substantially overstated. In fact I think the resource number has been overstated.

Read the rest of the interview on The Oil Drum…

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