Jon Entine forced to re-write his post, “Natural Gas “Bubble” Report: Market Tinkering or Shoddy Reporting?”

Because of my objections, RealClear Politics forced Jon Entine to “update” his post, “Natural Gas “Bubble” Report: Market Tinkering or Shoddy Reporting?”

Entine’s post remains objectionable because it relies on unsubstantiated speculation rather than evidence or data.
It is indeed curious and ironic that one of Entine’s recent articles is titled, “When Science is Unfavorable, Attack the Scientist.”
What do you think that you just did, Jon?


  • Richard,

    I never know if it is worth the effort to fight these outrageous claims. I guess it is up to a point.

    Thanks for your comment.

    All the best,


  • Richard,

    By the way, thanks for the book that you sent to me!


  • I got a good yuk out of the portion of the NYT story that quoted IHS. Don’t you know IHS came unglued over this..ha ha. Here is a company that services the O&G sector, certainly aware of the violent clawback against any critical thinking that casts doubt on shale reserves, ala the World oil thing. I received an instant email from IHS telling me how much they love shale and how they have always loved shale, blah blah blah. Best laugh I had all week.

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