Berman On CBS Evening News With Scott Pelley

CBS anchor Scott Pelley did a story on Chesapeake Energy’s meltdown Friday, May 12, 2012. I had a brief appearance commenting on the slow train wreck of the shale gas producers as they consciously destroyed their own product price by over production.


  • Tim Kirkpatrick

    Nice job Art…. keep hammering..llegitimi non carborundum!

  • Anonymous

    Aubrey may find it is much harder to sell on the way down than on the way up..he may see some new things like stalling on closing, negotiating at the last second….selling from a position of weakness is no fun I know!!

  • Mike Shellman

    Mr. Berman, I very much appreciate your work. I anxiously await your comments now on the shale liquids stock play debauchery. It seems to me the Eagle Ford and Bakken are starting to waddle like the same duck.

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