BNN Interview: Permian Reserves Smaller & Shale Gas Revolution a Media Myth


  • Laddie C. Galloway

    Mr. Berman, you’ve mentioned on several occasions that when the gas energy runs out on horizontal tight oil wells that the production is over due to the low perm in the reservoir… pumping units can’t provide artificial lift to them. This implies that the sand propant in the frac only allows the oil to migrate when pushed by the expanding gas. As I’ve driven through areas of the Permian basin I’ve seen 4 pumping units lined up in a row. I assumed it was a 4 well pad and there were 4 horizontal wells being pumped from that pad. Was I wrong… or can some horizontal wells be artificially lifted?

    Also, I read one of your articles that stated the unspoken Achilles’ Heel of tight oil is the water it produces. I’ve heard of the large water volumes associated with tight oil production… but assumed that was the frac water coming back. In the article, I believe you stated that on average, the oil volume is ~ 10 to 15% of the total fluid produced. Is that correct? Are tight oil wells predominately water wells with a 10 to 15% cut of oil? Thank you!

  • Andre Fourrier

    Await answers to Laddie’s questions………….

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