Tight Oil and The Long-Term Debt Cycle

Permian Reserves May Be Much Smaller Than You Think: Tight Oil and Long-Term Debt Cycle
Houston Geological Society 11 September 2017

HGS 11 SEPT 2017 Presentation

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  • Conrad E Maher

    Another great presentation Art. It is most unfortunate that most of those commenting on reserves, recoverable resources know nothing about the distribution of fluids in the pore space.

    In thick formations with vertical permeability continutiy, the Schlumberger pictorials showing gas out of solution are perhaps simplified to the extent of being misleading. If the oil has reached chemical the equilibrium which it will have done in these very old fields accumulations, the bubble point will decrease with depth and result in a lower GOR with depth. The gas will come out of solution at the top of the formation in the largest pores first. When the gas out of solution in these large pores reaches about 20%, the gas can migrate as a separate phase. If the pressure at the top of the reservoir is below the bubble point, a gas cap will form. We saw some excellent examples of this in the thick reservoirs in the North Sea and North Africa.

    It does appear that investors are finding other places to invest rather than chase promotions of those inside and outside the oil industry.

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