Climate Change & Transitional Role of Fossil Fuels


  • Marc


    Thank you for this great piece. Timely.
    Iam wondering if there was an error in figure 3: I cannot read very well, but I think the gas symbol over Egypt has the wrong label, as is I can read it as “Prudhoe Bay” – which is in Alaska. Should it be something like”Zohr” gas field instead? Same over the Gulf (Saudi/Qatar) region. Thanks again & and much appreciated your work.

  • John Munter


    You are completely nuts on this one. There really is no such thing as “lighter hydrocarbons” if you look at methane leakage as measured by satellites and correctly calibrate the effect of methane in the atmosphere at 10, 12, or 20 year time frames instead of the standard century which is an out-of-date relic of the era in which we were only worried about carbon dioxide. In fact, one of these decades states and countries will come to the brilliant realization that they should calculate a ‘Social Cost of Methane’ in their environmental impact statements along with the ‘Social Cost of Carbon’. If and when they manage that then natural gas will go the way of the dinosaur and coal.

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