Oil Economy is a Managed Market, Not Free Market


  • LastChesapeake

    Chesapeake Energy’s phenomena – all last decade – has been an Open, Fake-Economics System?

    The Western Civilisation is also bankrupt – as its primary goal, we now understand, was no more than the destruction of finite, gold-grade, one-off fossil fuels reserves as quickly as possible, even if burned in the air to waste – and that what’s going-on since early coal in Britain – all along.

    The Western Civilisation’s perception-controlling engine is primarily run to prevent humans from realising this is what happening – at core – a relentless effort put into guaranteeing a quicker return for all humans to physical slavery, viciously exercised, like never seen before.

    This sort of extreme and puzzling behaviour of social-Darwinism will be stopped at for a very long time by humans in next Civilisations;

    This sick behaviour never seen even in the rest of the animal kingdom, not even in the kingdom of insects.

    Why on Earth the Western Civilisation has done this unforgivable act, destroying millions of years in the-making, one-off finite fossil fuels – madly, like this?!

    Science has been paralysed and faked in the process, Economics is kept an Open dodgy System – while people are mislead to talk Debt 24/7, unaware the system is actually – Open!

    Can Art et al try again and wake up the Western Cilivisation and its social engineer – telling them – what, for god sake, they are doing?


    Can Science under the Western Cvilisation, with a help from scientists like Art, make its last ditch-effort and acknowledge the real non-flying-carpet EROEI and Laws of Physics – before the Western Civilisation goes out in history, owing to Physics?


    • art.berman

      The need to blame something like civilization for the problems of the world is infantile and useless.

      Sorry to be blunt,


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