#Hot take of the day podcast Episode 54 w/Art Berman


  • SevenLean

    Art rightly says – “….There is no silver bullet…“, touching on excessive production of hydrocarbons.

    I, humbly, attribute that to the fact fossil fuels are the only real value-item in the whole of our Western Civilisation’s Economics – since the steam engine.

    A demonstration of that, humans didn’t need to ditch the mini car and fill the streets of the world today with SUVs – this is a childish arrogance pretending we have conquered the Laws of Physics.

    Time to understand what Energy really is;


    • art.berman


      What humans do is what life does. Humans are not special in their obsession with growth and extravagance.

      Ugo is a friend and colleague but I am unclear why you have cited this particular post in which he states that “we desperately need to do something to promote the renewable energy transition.”

      That is fine but I don’t believe that most people have any idea what the world will be like if and when renewable energy is the primary source of energy. It will be economically quite poor and unable to support even half of the present populations of the planet.

      Most people believe the fraud from the renewable energy industry that living standards will be fundamentally the same as they are now. That is impossible based on nothing more than the laws of physics. It is impossible to power the planet at a similar level as today on renewable energy. That is not a partisan or judgmental statement. It is simple physics. You cannot produce more with less.

      If people are willing to live with much less (including disposing of a few billion people that the earth cannot possibly feed or support without fossil energy), then let’s move forward with renewable energy.

      I am completely serious. People need to know the truth before they embark on this journey because I believe most will be unbelievably pissed off when they discover the fraud they have been sold.

      All the best,


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