MacroVoices Art Berman: U.S. Oil Production Still Set for Steep Decline in 2021

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Art Berman is anything but your run-of-the-mill energy consultant. With a résumé boasting over 40 years as a petroleum geologist, he’s here to annihilate your preconceived notions and rearm you with unfiltered, data-backed takes on energy and its colossal role in the world's economic pulse. Learn more about Art here.

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  1. ConstantineDiesel on January 8, 2021 at 9:33 pm

    Thanks Art,

    It is amazing how Turkey, a vast country with its own little fossil Energy resources, is able to grow and effect others regionally, like Syria, Iraq, Azerbaijan, Libya, Qatar, etc – economically and geopolitically…

    To that extent, the UK has signed a free trade agreement with Turkey last week, coinciding with the increased, diesel-run railway traffic of what is called China-Turkey-UK SilkRoad – moving in both directions.

    However, observers wonder – can that role be really possible for Turkey to play when all the oil and gas Turkey consumes is primarily imported or smuggled in?

    Could it be that it is not Turkey who manages this choreography really, but rather our civilisation is increasingly and consciously electing to default its ‘energy-intensive’ hot spots closer and closer to where the remaining major oil and n. gas resources geographically are – from Russia to Algeria to Nigeria?

    Electing to burn fossil fuels where they are in close proximity to their wells, rather than burning big chunks of them transporting the fuel between continents in super tankers – might make sense by physics, and a better model, earlier proven over the decades in North America – despite the regime has greatly exhausted North America’s colossal reserves in a mere 50 years or less.

    Turkey, a 84 million nation, animated by Energy imports and smuggling – schedules trains to the UK and China – when the three of these nations have very little of their own diesel, lubricants and other petroleum supplies to run the trains?!

    At the same time, China is banning the use of coal in countryside households, forcing 300+ million people in rural areas to use natural or coal-to-gas instead, when China doesn’t have that much gas.

    China also imports 17.5+ million barrel of oil daily – an equivalent to all oil exports from Russia and Saudi combined.

    Is this sustainable, yet alone a viable model to make China a Super Power, like how the media and alternative media desire to make us believe?

    Your followers wish an effort is made in the future to highlight what’s going-on in the international Energy arena rather than focusing only on the North America Energy market – which is now mainly well understood, stable and its trajectory is crystal clear.

    The interview with MicroVoices was very valuable indeed. Please keep more appearances coming.
    Thank You.

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