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Lost in the mess of energy policy and conflicting information? Wading through biases and outdated perspectives? Maybe you're an investor who's skeptical of rosy forecasts, or a policy maker exhausted by partisan debates. Maybe you're a CEO struggling to align your company with feasible energy goals.

You're not just looking for another energy consultant—you need a truth-seeker.

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What if you could walk into a board meeting, confidently presenting a strategy that's grounded in a comprehensive understanding of the global energy landscape? Make investment decisions backed by data-driven truth and unfiltered energy insights? This is not a fantasy. With Art Berman’s energy consulting: It's a reality.

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Ideal for investors, policymakers, and CEOs yearning for more than surface-level consultations, Art Berman’s energy insights are meticulously data-driven, brutally honest, and relentlessly focused on realistic goals.

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Objective Balancing Act

Get an unbiased view that evaluates both renewable and fossil fuel options, offering well-rounded insights.

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Risk Mitigation

Leverage Art's wealth of experience in appraising company worth, gauging project hazards, and estimating reserves.


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Art's knack for demystifying complex energy lingo means you're making enlightened choices, without the jargon overdose.

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A consultation with Art is your next step.


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Once available exclusively to paying members, Art's blog posts are now free for all. Read up, get informed, learn the truth.

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IEA’s Staggering Oil Glut is Staggeringly Unlikely

By Art Berman | June 15, 2024

The International Energy Agency (IEA) has become a dishonest broker of information because of its renewable energy bias. This week, it reported that there will be a staggering oil glut by the end of the…

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It’s Too Late For Renewables

By Art Berman | June 5, 2024

There is no energy transition, no paradigm shift or green revolution. Acknowledging this stark reality sooner rather than later will allow us to focus on devising strategies for managing the consequences of climate change, and…

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The U.S. Will Lose the Economic-Industrial War With China on the Renewable Energy Front

By Art Berman | May 31, 2024

President Biden’s attempt at reviving U.S. industrial policy is likely to fail, as it comes two decades too late to effectively compete with China. The greater concern is that the tariffs embedded in this policy…

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"We have engaged Art to work on various projects over the last 20 years or so. He typically digs deeper than anyone else into the subject matter. His thoughts are always well-grounded and well-researched. Art's work has been incredibly helpful on several specific projects as well as long-term corporate strategic planning for our company."

Walter S. Light, Jr.

Thunder Exploration, Inc.

"For rational, fact-based, defensible, and critical analysis, look to Art. I do not know of anyone who navigates the morass of complication inherent to our modern socioeconomic-environmental crisis with the unflinching clarity, purpose, and vision that Art Berman brings to the task."

Mona Wells

Director of Climate Science, The Meadows Center for Water and the Environment