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Are you up against a complex legal battle in the energy sector? Buried in endless files of regulations, geology, and financial statements? Art Berman makes complex energy concepts digestible for judges, juries, and lawyers alike. With decades of experience in the field, he translates scientific jargon into human language.

Finally Know the Answers: Energy Consulting That Won’t Hold Back.

Imagine the peace of mind you'll have knowing you've got the energy industry's best backing up your argument. Your opponents will scramble as Art Berman decimates weak theories and enshrines your case with irrefutable facts about the energy sector.

Keynote Witness Services Include:

  • Expert testimonies for legal cases in the energy sector
  • Analysis presented in a digestible, jargon-free manner
  • Reports that get to the point without sacrificing accuracy
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Why Art Berman Should Be Your Expert Witness

Art Berman's comprehensive expertise in the energy sector translates into a winning strategy in the courtroom. He doesn't just understand the science; he knows how to communicate it in a way that judges and juries will understand.

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Precision & Accuracy

Art's intensive data analysis ensures that your arguments are not just compelling but also bulletproof.

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Communication Skills

Art translates complex concepts into easy-to-understand testimony, making sure the court fully grasps the issues at hand.

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Art's reputation as a straightforward, no-nonsense energy expert brings an unparalleled level of credibility to your case.

Want to Seal Your Courtroom Victory?

Art Berman's expert witness service is your secret weapon.


Uncensored. Unfiltered. Unapologetic.

Energy Wisdom – Without the Sugar Coating.

Once available exclusively to paying members, Art's blog posts are now free for all. Read up, get informed, learn the truth.

Energy Contrarian Featured Image

IEA’s Staggering Oil Glut is Staggeringly Unlikely

By Art Berman | June 15, 2024

The International Energy Agency (IEA) has become a dishonest broker of information because of its renewable energy bias. This week, it reported that there will be a staggering oil glut by the end of the…

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Energy Contrarian Featured Image

It’s Too Late For Renewables

By Art Berman | June 5, 2024

There is no energy transition, no paradigm shift or green revolution. Acknowledging this stark reality sooner rather than later will allow us to focus on devising strategies for managing the consequences of climate change, and…

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Energy Contrarian Featured Image

The U.S. Will Lose the Economic-Industrial War With China on the Renewable Energy Front

By Art Berman | May 31, 2024

President Biden’s attempt at reviving U.S. industrial policy is likely to fail, as it comes two decades too late to effectively compete with China. The greater concern is that the tariffs embedded in this policy…

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"Art was pivotal to our win in a federal jury trial involving misappropriation of trade secrets related to oil reserves. He provided the full spectrum of services, including an expert report, deposition testimony, and trial testimony. Art has the winning set of attributes that make him a great expert witness—deep knowledge of his area of expertise, clarity of thought, and excellent presentation skills."

Maryia Jones

Baughman Kroup Bosse

“I have known Art Berman for nearly two decades and consider him one of the experts on global oil markets.”

Kiril Sokoloff

Chairman and Founder of 13D Research, Inc.