One-on-One Energy Consultations

Get ahead in the energy markets—fast.

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Your Personal Energy Reality Check.

You've probably read every report, listened to every podcast, but the energy information overload only leaves you paralyzed. You know that a single misstep could cost millions or even cripple your business. Consult with Art to tackle the complex energy landscape head-on.

What’s on the Table?

CEOs, investors, or anyone with burning questions related to the energy sector—this is your chance to get answers. With Art’s energy consulting sessions, you can make moves based on actionable insights, not hunches.

One-on-One Energy Consultations Include:

  • Conversations tailored to your questions
  • In-depth discussions for CEOs and investors
  • Practical advice to navigate the energy market
Oil wells, refineries, solar panels, wind turbines

Your Personal Energy Market Navigator

Art values his time and expects you to do the same. These hour-long energy consulting sessions are limited in number because quality trumps quantity.

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In-depth Analysis

Drill deeper into market trends with Art's meticulous research, bolstering your investment and operational decisions.

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Strategic Planning

From asset acquisition to risk mitigation, get personalized strategies that align with your business objectives.

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Timely Insights

Stay ahead of the curve with real-time information and forecasts that you won’t find anywhere else.

Take the Guesswork Out of Your Next Move.

Book a one-on-one opportunity with Art today and prepare to have your perspectives challenged, strategies scrutinized, and understanding of energy forever changed.


Uncensored. Unfiltered. Unapologetic.

Energy Wisdom – Without the Sugar Coating.

Once available exclusively to paying members, Art's blog posts are now free for all. Read up, get informed, learn the truth.

Energy Contrarian Featured Image

IEA’s Staggering Oil Glut is Staggeringly Unlikely

By Art Berman | June 15, 2024

The International Energy Agency (IEA) has become a dishonest broker of information because of its renewable energy bias. This week, it reported that there will be a staggering oil glut by the end of the…

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Energy Contrarian Featured Image

It’s Too Late For Renewables

By Art Berman | June 5, 2024

There is no energy transition, no paradigm shift or green revolution. Acknowledging this stark reality sooner rather than later will allow us to focus on devising strategies for managing the consequences of climate change, and…

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Energy Contrarian Featured Image

The U.S. Will Lose the Economic-Industrial War With China on the Renewable Energy Front

By Art Berman | May 31, 2024

President Biden’s attempt at reviving U.S. industrial policy is likely to fail, as it comes two decades too late to effectively compete with China. The greater concern is that the tariffs embedded in this policy…

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Extract energy clarity from chaos and arm yourself with Art's truth-laden insights.  See what clients are saying about working with Art.

"We have found no better expert than Arthur Berman. Art has not only provided us forthright and essential information needed to assess our own perspective and positions regarding the industry; but his clear and effective communication style has also helped us to clearly and effectively convey information about the industry to experts, government decision makers and the lay public."

Maya K. van Rossum

The Delaware Riverkeeper, leader of the 4 state, environmental nonprofit, Delaware Riverkeeper Network

“I have been interacting with Art Berman on the energy front since the early 2000s. Since that time, he has been my "go to man" for information on oil. His unique background, experience and access in geology, finance and history give him depth and insights that I have not found anywhere else. He still blows me away with insights about the industry that he freely shares."

Charles A. Hall