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Who needs another sugarcoated energy keynote talk? Not you.

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Captivate Your Audience With Fluff-Free Energy Insights.

So, you’re tired of energy keynote speakers using the same old rehashed narratives, are you? You’re craving real, actionable insights into the complex world of energy. You want to know what the hell is going on with renewables, fossil fuels, and that infamous Jenga tower of an energy system we're all dependent on. And let's not even start on the empty promises of "easy solutions" for climate change.

Your Energy Keynote Talk: Supercharged.

Imagine an event where no one's nodding off or compulsively checking their phones. Think of the buzz in the room when your audience gets hit with insights they've never heard before. The chatter at the cocktail hour will be about real energy solutions, not just wishful thinking. You'll be the hero who brought in the guy who isn't afraid to shatter illusions and speak hard truths.

Keynote Speaking Services Include:

  • In-depth presentations on energy market trends
  • Data-driven insights into renewable energy and fossil fuels
  • Provocative discussions on why "quick fixes" are a childish fantasy
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Why Art is the Keynote Speaker You've Been Waiting For.

Art Berman delivers a unique blend of candid wisdom, data-driven arguments, and a touch of humor that will leave your audience not just informed but transformed. No partisanship, no sugar-coating—just the raw truth about the complex energy landscape.

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Deep Industry Knowledge

Art's four decades in the energy sector mean you're not just getting theories—you're getting hard-won knowledge.

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Provocative Insights

Art challenges mainstream narratives, offering a fresh perspective that goes beyond the usual talking points.

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Clarity Amid Complexity

With Art, complex energy equations turn into digestible wisdom, enabling your audience to see the bigger picture.

Ready to Upend Everything You Thought You Knew About Energy?

A keynote by Art Berman will change how your audience sees the world.


Uncensored. Unfiltered. Unapologetic.

Energy Wisdom – Without the Sugar Coating.

Once available exclusively to paying members, Art's blog posts are now free for all. Read up, get informed, learn the truth.

Energy Aware

A Renewable Energy Transition Violates The Maximum Power Principle

By Art Berman | May 18, 2024

We all want solutions to the world’s many crises but do we understand the underlying problems? Everything in nature, including human society, relies on energy for production, consumption, recycling, and sustainability. Therefore, to understand things,…

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Energy Contrarian Featured Image

The Biggest Risks of This Decade

By Art Berman | May 11, 2024

Since the 2020 pandemic, many things have changed, but nothing more than geopolitics. Wars and clashes that used to be largely national have given way to more regional conflicts that threaten to upend the current…

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Energy Aware

The Oil and Energy Macro

By Art Berman | May 2, 2024

U.S. oil reserves reached a new record in 2022. Crude oil and condensate proved reserves exceed 48 billion barrels (Figure 1). Reserves declined from 1969 to 2006 then increased with additions from the deepwater Gulf…

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Extract energy clarity from chaos and arm yourself with Art's truth-laden insights.  See what clients are saying about working with Art.

"Art has had a long career in the oil and gas business. He brings clear understanding and skillful analysis of macro trends in the space. His discussion of the climate crisis cuts through the usual jargon and simplistic positions – offering distinctive and valuable insights."

Bob Rosenthal

Technical Director, Pantheon Resources PLC

“When it comes to understanding how energy and the environment intersect with the economy, you might agree or disagree with Art’s opinions and conclusions. However, a conclusion in which I have no doubt is the conclusion that Art will take all points of view very seriously, but let none of us off easily. You’d best bring you’re A-game for a conversation with Art, and if you do, you’ll leave with an A+ game.”

Carey King

Assistant Director University of Texas at Austin Energy Institute