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Stray from data, and you'll get lost. Art cuts through the noise, grounding energy debates in reality, not fairy tales.

Misinformation is Everywhere.
Art Berman is Your Reality Check.

Guiding global leaders out of fantasy alleys and dead-end streets, Art brings a clarity seldom seen in the energy discourse.

No myths. No fluff. Just undiluted truth.

It's time to shift the narrative. Are you ready for an awakening?

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Meet Art Berman

The Energy World's Truth Seeker

Step into Art Berman's realm: Where energy myths shatter and hard truths prevail.

40+ years in petroleum geology and he's not here to mince words.

World-renowned consultant? Check. Stellar keynote speaker? Undoubtedly. But above all, he's the energy world's unfiltered voice, seeing past the haze to what truly drives our global system: Energy is the economy.

From the nuances of oil, gas, and renewables, Art's predictions aren't just guesses - they're the future inked in today. Sick of leaders in energy-blindfolds? So is he. Navigating the complexities of energy, climate, and economy? Ditch the fluff and chase reality with Berman.

For energy insights that pack a punch, and narratives that flip the script, there's only one name you need. Ready to challenge the status quo? It's time to engage with Art.

Data-Driven. Direct. Different.

Drowning in Opinions?
Art Tells it to You Straight.

Art gives you the bigger picture, connecting energy, climate, and economies in ways most shy away from. He's not here to please, but to educate.

Questioning the unquestioned, he is the voice many fear, but all need.

This is the unapologetic take on energy the world isn’t ready for.

Energy Consulting

Step out of the mirage. With Art, you're not just navigating energy, you're decoding its DNA, making decisions based on brutal facts.

Keynote Speaking

More than a speech – an awakening. Art doesn't just talk energy; he reshapes your understanding, revealing what lurks behind popular perceptions.

Expert Witness

In a world swayed by conjecture, Art's testimony stands strong – a fortress of hard facts. Witness the power of truth in the trickiest terrains.

One-on-One Opportunities

One-on-one with Art. Delve into custom sessions that clear the haze, shedding light on your unique energy challenges.

Uncensored. Unfiltered. Unapologetic.

Energy Wisdom – Without the Sugar Coating.

Once available exclusively to paying members, Art's blog posts are now free for all. Read up, get informed, learn the truth.

Energy Aware

Populism: The Fourth Horseman of The Coming Decade

By Art Berman | July 19, 2024

Populism is on the rise around the world. It disrupts established political systems, creates uncertainty, and deepens societal divisions. This fundamental crisis of governance and the social contract is Nate Hagens’ fourth horseman of the…

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Energy Contrarian Featured Image

Addicted to Electricity: A Preview of The Great Simplification

By Art Berman | July 11, 2024

People talk about addiction to oil but we’re also addicted to electric power. I’m speaking from personal experience. Hurricane Beryl left over two million people in the Houston area without power this week. No electricity…

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Energy Aware

Let’s Stop Arguing About An Imaginary Energy Transition

By Art Berman | July 6, 2024

How did adoption of renewable energy become the drug of choice to treat the disease of climate change? No one knows. Wind and solar energy policies evolved over several decades without planning, leadership, effective communication,…

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"When we were about to decide on whether to buy an oilfield company, we brought Art in for a high-level view of the shale industry. As resident oil expert at my company back then, Art’s presentation and answers to my questions convinced me not to pursue the acquisition attempt any further.

Looking back, it’s clear we saved about a billion dollars and I looked like a hero at my company for bringing Art in. I probably wouldn’t ever bet against his logic."

Cruise Jones

Independent Oilfield Production Consultant

"I have known Art Berman for nearly two decades and consider him one of the experts on global oil markets."

Kiril Sokoloff

Chairman and Founder of 13D Research, Inc.

The Berman Method: Truth Over Trend.

With Art, every energy conclusion is drawn from a well of unassailable data.

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In-depth Fact-Finding

Diving deeper than most dare to, Art scours for details, making every insight an outcome of meticulous research.

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Comprehensive Analysis

From raw data to enlightening narratives. Witness the transformation as Art blends decades of experience with hard facts.

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Insight Delivery

No beating around the bush. Expect clear, data-backed advice that stands tall against skepticism.

Ready to Challenge the Norm?

Understand energy like never before with Art Berman's no-filter analysis.

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