Oil and gas markets fascinate me. I am a working petroleum geologist.  I also have a degree in Middle Eastern history. That gives me a completely different perspective than other analysts.

I love unraveling the complex factors that drive markets and prices. I look at everything but comparative inventory is the cornerstone of my approach. That’s a real difference from my peers. It’s also why I get oil and gas markets right more often than most. Work with me and I’ll help you make better investment decisions based on realistic price calls


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Strategize for the future

I’m always thinking about how new data will affect prices. Because I’m in the oil and gas business, I understand costs and their economic implications better than most. I can help whether you’re a trader looking fora . quick win or an investor looking for longer-term position.

Catalyst depth of knowledge

I would like to take your understanding of oil and gas deeper. It’s really about being positioned to act when markets shift. That requires both insight and historical context. My analytical methods are different and powerful. Let my insight and expertise help drive you to investment success.

Consumable information

Markets are complex but do not need to be complicated. I know how to give you information in a way that is easy to understand. Let me do the hard work of integrating the data so you can spend your time making decisions.

Posts - Paid and Free

Fatih Birol’s “I Have A Dream” Speech is Wrong

Birol should but will not state that the only solution to climate change is greatly reduce consumption of all energy, not just fossil fuels.

Substituting Renewable Energy for Fossil Fuels is a Doomsday Stratagem

Most people and leaders are energy-blind. Most of our approaches don’t have a map so we’re lost in the wilderness.

Insanity Check on Climate Change

The additional land use for wnd and solar is approximately 24 million square kilometers or an area about the combined size of Russia and Australia. The cost would be more than $51 trillion.

The Big Lie About Fossil Fuel Subsidies

The IMF’s message is opportunistic, journalistically dishonest and more appropriate to Fox News than to an international opinion leader and supposedly honest broker.

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