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Stuck in an energy echo chamber? Art Berman, the no-nonsense petroleum geologist, offers cutthroat consulting that leaves fluff at the door. Geared for the daring investors, funds, and corporations, his services lay bare the market's realities. Why settle for surface-level advice when you can dig deep?

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Forget sugar-coated speeches and pandering. Art Berman takes the stage with four decades of explosive industry knowledge and a knack for detonating mainstream delusions. Whether you're a C-level exec or a conference goer, brace yourself for a seismic shift in your understanding of energy and climate. 

Expert Witness

When legal stakes are skyscraper-high, you want Art Berman tearing through the case files. As an expert witness, he distills energy jargon into cut-and-dry arguments, serving objective, data-backed punches that judges and juries can't ignore.

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Ready for an unscripted, no-taboo dialogue on energy? Art Berman's personalized sessions, ranging from swift pow-wows to marathon consultations, are an open arena for challenges, questions, and hard-hitting debates.

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Energy Aware

Almost Everything is About Oil in the Middle East

By Art Berman | April 18, 2024

Perhaps the most extraordinary part of Iran’s April 13 attack on Israel was that it was countered by a coalition that included Jordan, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates (UAE). It is also noteworthy…

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Energy Contrarian Featured Image

Europe’s Metacrisis Just Got Worse

By Art Berman | April 14, 2024

The latest conflict between Iran and Israel just made Europe’s already precarious energy and economic situation a lot worse. Many analysts and politicians are celebrating Europe’s resilience after losing its natural gas supply from Russia.…

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Energy Aware

Radical Acceptance of the Human Predicament

By Art Berman | April 6, 2024

How will climate change and destruction of the natural world affect the future? No one knows for sure but most-likely outcomes don’t look very good unless we do something radically different from what’s being done…

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"The offshore wind sector requires credible input costs which are oil-related. We thus approached Art for support in future global oil supply forecasting.

The resulting report was exactly as we’d hoped: a focused, intelligent and above all realistic forecast into the 2050s, with very clearly explained boundaries of uncertainty. Should the opportunity present itself again – and we very much hope it does – we would be delighted to work with him again."

Steve Jermy

CEO, Celtic Sea Power