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Oil Markets Were Unwise But Right in the Israel-Iran Crisis

By Art Berman | April 24, 2024

The Middle East seemed to be on the brink of war last week and oil prices fell. Was the market wrong? Brent futures price closed at $90.45 per barrel on…

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Energy Aware

Almost Everything is About Oil in the Middle East

By Art Berman | April 18, 2024

Perhaps the most extraordinary part of Iran’s April 13 attack on Israel was that it was countered by a coalition that included Jordan, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates…

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The Energy Transition is Being Led by a Clown Car

By Art Berman | February 21, 2024

Renewable energy capacity is expected to expand dramatically in the next few decades in order to get climate change under control. Because wind and solar are intermittent sources of electric…

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